Tuesday, December 30, 2008

kindred spirits

what a treat to spend time with my bestest friend.
as sappy and sentimental as we are sometimes, i really do treasure this girl.
i am so blessed to have her as a lifelong friend.

tromping in snow
checking the maple trees
impromptu photo shoot
picking out my own christmas gift
sentimental greeting cards
green smoothies
a purring black kitty
"mindless entertainment" (in other words, princess diaries 2)
re-writing the ending to be even happier
not getting any dinner (or at least the worry that this might be true...)
christmas gifts
homemade bread
lucy being "bossy" =)
poetry critiques
robin hood
falling asleep to christmas lights
poppyseed pancakes

lucy & alison in the secret maple grove

the "engagement" picture-
we really intended to look like we were anne & diana, expressing our loyalty and forever friendship love...but instead we got an engagement picture

happy to be on the road of life together =)

in the air!

no sleeping in the igloo tonight

yay for christmas gifts!