Tuesday, June 30, 2009

friendship? yes please.

when i graduated, i had the slight worry that perhaps this was the end-the end of seeing my friends, the end of good times and fun. what a silly thought, especially if the past month is any indication. =)

alison & emma
matching birthday shirts: alison & lucy
the long awaited camping trip: alison & lucy
photo shoot in the woods
natural face masks: alison & lucy
kaitlin, lacey & alison
staffies at katlyn & devan's wedding: martha, liz, becca, J, alison & ben
jacob, brent, becca & alison
ice cream & frisbee in the park: jacob, J, liz, becca, brent & alison
making sugar mice: peter, alison, jenny, paul
crepes at le happy with my sis, lisa
outside of le happy: alison, J, ben, abby, lisa, becca, rachel
first APT staff: whitney, alison, cherie, TJ, kevin, bryan
glasses twinsies: J & alison

Monday, June 29, 2009

my middle name

my staff declared that my middle name must be "group pictures" not "louise." maybe you'll see why...

our cold faces after staff meeting outside
my cute staff
after the APT bbq
we turned into cannibals temporarily
staff retreat at five rock ranch
on the staircase...
initiation for the new staff
the last APT bbq
last staff meeting

best staff ever

do you wanna dance?

one of the fun nights of my last week of school-
i decided last minute that i wanted to go to the dance. so, i asked one of my guy friends to go with me. totally worth it. it turned out to be a really fun night with some of my favorite people: abby, ben, lisa, brian, jacob and even some staffies at the dance!!
backseat buddies-alison, abby, lisa

shades buddies-alison & jacob
silly staffies: bethany, brent, ben, jacob, alison, alyssa
more staffies: bethany, brent, jacob, alison & liz
alison, abby & lisa
our "tired workers" look: lisa, abby & alison
hot tub time! jacob, brian, lisa, abby, ben & alison

Sunday, June 28, 2009


here's some snapshots (literally) of my last few weeks of school and the people i shared it with. 
eye checks at the elementary school with jodi
liz's birthday: liz, alison, bethany
jodi & alison: nursing buddies
APT bbq: benjamin, jacob & alison
WICKED!!! alison, molly, becca, martha
alison & molly: what is this feeling?
martha & alison: defying gravity
my first haircut, thanks to brent's trust in me
last walkabout reunion of the year: steven, alison, J, darek, elizabeth, heather
tulip farm fun: amberle, ben, martha, alison, jacob, bethany
tulips with martha
jacob doesn't seem to enjoy tulips as much as me
yay for tulips!
jacob, alison & benjamin as tulips
choir kids & their fans: alison, liz, J, jacob, martha, benjamin, becca
last APT bbq: brent, lisa & alison
martha & alison
cheese girl & burger boy
lunch with robin baker
lip sync: alison, brent, becca