Friday, December 31, 2010


what a blessed christmas break this has been.

i love finishing john's sentences. we are twins born three & a half years apart.
i love snuggling with my mommy.
i love making yummy things for my daddy to eat.
i love jokes with peter.
i love drinking coffee with paul.
i love purring kitties.
i love drinks with my grandparents.
i love jokes and tricks.
i love dressing up & playing games.
i love all the hugs i get when i am home.

i hate that tomorrow is my last day at home. but part of me is also a little ready to go back to my life. even though i don't go directly there-first a pit stop to see some friends in oregon. i am so thankful for this time, even though i think i could be happy being here for another two weeks at least. but God is so good to provide such good family time, and a job that i don't dread going back to!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

come let us adore him

merry christmas, my dear friends and family. in lieu of a christmas card or letter filling you in on my life, i have opted to write a christmas post, looking back on my past year. it has been such a full year, with some pretty significant transitions. but through it all, God has once again proven himself to be faithful to me. join me in rejoicing in his provision-

i started off 2010 by continuing in my job as a RN at salem hospital on the oncology/renal floor. although i was ending each day at work exhausted, i was appreciative of the things that God provided:
-good people to work with, many of whom were patient teachers during this first year of being a nurse
-a job that paid well, that i was actually getting to help people
-dear friends nearby to have adventures with
-visits home to spend time with my family
-a church where i heard God's word preached
-my Bible study girls who both encouraged and challenged me
-living in the same city as my brother, John
-my adopted salem "family"

about mid-march, the seeds began to be planted that i might want to look for a job somewhere other than the hospital. by the end of april, i was primed and ready to have my friend molly tell me that maybe i should consider pursuing residence life, since i was much more passionate about that than i ever was for nursing. by the next day, i had sent out three applications. over the course of the next two months, i would apply to 50 different schools, 4 grad schools, all the while praying and hoping that i would get to be a resident director for the coming school year.

after testing my faith, challenging my desires and pushing my comfort zone, i was offered a job as a resident director at philadelphia biblical university. (you can read the WHOLE story here) in a whirlwind few weeks, i finished up work, packed my belongings and said good-byes before making the trek across the country with my mommy.

it certainly wouldn't have been something i would have chosen for myself-to move across the country where i don't know anyone to take a job at a school i had only learned of in the past few months. but i am so thankful that it was not of my choosing! i may not be crazy about pennsylvania's weather or traffic or being so far away from people i love. but i am certainly crazy about this job that i get up every day excited to do. i feel so blessed to be getting paid to do so many things i love: planning events, making food for appreciative students, having good conversations and spending time with people! i have felt so welcomed into this community, and am so thankful to enjoy both the staff and students that i get to work with. i have also started to get plugged into a church in philly, and continue to have God confirm that this is where he wants me. if you are wondering, i am currently attending grace bible church and love my care group!

as my pennsylvania friends are finding out, i love pictures. they capture some of my favorite moments and allow me to share these memories with others & enjoy them myself.
these are a few of my favorite photos from the past year, which capture many of the blessings that i have enjoyed this past year.

friends visiting me over christmas break: Liz & Jacob

my dear Bible study girls

celebrating Valentine's Day with my brother

hiking in silver falls state park with Lucy

enjoying the tulip fields of woodburn, oregon with Rebecca

AACs and co. at Kevin & Denae's wedding

the oregon coast with my brothers: Paul, John & Peter

the Lion King with Liz!

my last day at Salem Hospital with my friends McKenzie & Leah

some of the crew at my good-bye party: Martha, Becca, Jacob & Brent

my family, in the backyard

exploring Philadelphia with my Mommy

at my sister's wedding-Lisa & Abby

some of the res. life gang

residence life team 2010-11

manor campus RA team

coffee & dessert with Terri, Jes & Joanna

LOVE park with Jenny

bean-staches with my brothers during fall break in WA

hiking at hacklebarney state park, new jersey for RA retreat

PBU's RDs looking fly-Dustin the preppy kid, Alison the nerdy kid & Evan the emo kid

my RA team as nerds

my RAs, all ready for christmas

i just want to close with my favorite verse from a familiar christmas carol. as i've looked back on 2010, i am reminded at God's faithfulness through it all. he is worthy of praise.

All Hail! Lord, we greet Thee,
Born this happy morning,
O Jesus! for evermore be Thy name adored.
Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing;
O come, let us adore Him,
O come, let us adore Him,
O come, let us adore Him,
Christ the Lord.

merry christmas friends & family! love to you all.