Tuesday, August 18, 2009

first full day

today i had my first patient as a nurse! the day went by so much faster than the classroom-orientation days that i've had so far. although i wasn't left on my own, there was such a sense of freedom  as i signed off my own medications and did nursey things...as a RN! 

i have one of the greatest nurses ever for my preceptor! she has a great sense of humor, gives me chances to practice things, answers my many questions graciously and doesn't make me feel stupid. =)
the day was not without its trying moments. and even though my preceptor didn't make me feel stupid, i felt that way on my own. i am still overwhelmed with all there is to learn and know, along with all that i am responsible for as a nurse. but both my nurse & my CNA encouraged me at the end of the day, saying that i am a good nurse & soon the feelings that this is true will follow. 
i am so thankful for how God has been blessing me at this job. 

2 more days to go! 

Sunday, August 16, 2009

a no good, very bad day

some days i like being a grown-up.

the independence and excitement of it all. 
however, today was not one of those days.
today was instead a day that was filled with the harsh reality of being "up."

however, it was not a day that was all bad. 
i was blessed by the loving words & support of a few dear friends and my family.
it is hard to be too discouraged when my fan club is cheering me on and holding me up. 
thank you for providing me with so many dear ones to help me along, Jesus. 

this summer has been one of the busiest and most transitional of my life! blogging about these things is on my to-do list, but "more pressing" matters always seem to take priority. i do hope to put up pictures, stories and bits of what i have been learning these past months soon. stay tuned...