Thursday, November 4, 2010


i feel very remiss, as i have painfully neglected any writing lately.

so, this will definitely not be a full update, by any means. but it will give a small glimpse into what makes my heart full these days.

let me introduce you to my dear staff.
rob. caleb. keith. josh. seth.
kim. rachel. jes. christa joy. catie. alison.

i am so blessed by them. i didn't pick them. i didn't even know to ask for them, when they were being hired last spring. but i am amazed by God's sovereignty in giving me just the people i needed, even without me asking and acting out of unbelief at times. i love watching them love on each other and their residents. they encourage me with their enthusiasm, their love for Jesus and their kindness. they are each so different, yet so complimentary to each other in their differences. they bring such joy to my life.

and a few more people who are dear to me.
terri. evan. amanda. giselle. dustin. rafferty. ruthann. alison. stephen.

these are not only the people i am privileged to work with, but my friends. whether enjoying lunch in the cafeteria, laughing over silliness in the office or eating dinner together for thursday throwdown, i love these people that God has put in my life.

my cup overflows.
when i went home for fall break, i was surprisingly not terribly sad to leave my family after only 3 days. i realized that langhorne, pennsylvania had become
my home in my few short months here.
thank you Jesus for bringing me much farther than i wanted to come.
thank you for stretching me to be brave and step out in faith.
thank you for the chance to do what i love.
i wake up every day excited for the job i get to do.
praise God from whom all blessing flow.