Friday, December 31, 2010


what a blessed christmas break this has been.

i love finishing john's sentences. we are twins born three & a half years apart.
i love snuggling with my mommy.
i love making yummy things for my daddy to eat.
i love jokes with peter.
i love drinking coffee with paul.
i love purring kitties.
i love drinks with my grandparents.
i love jokes and tricks.
i love dressing up & playing games.
i love all the hugs i get when i am home.

i hate that tomorrow is my last day at home. but part of me is also a little ready to go back to my life. even though i don't go directly there-first a pit stop to see some friends in oregon. i am so thankful for this time, even though i think i could be happy being here for another two weeks at least. but God is so good to provide such good family time, and a job that i don't dread going back to!

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