Saturday, June 27, 2009

catching up...

in the last month or so of school i was exceptionally blessed. i would venture to say that these weeks provided me with a few of my favorite college experiences. 
one group of friends that i had quite a few adventures with was the other AACs: abby, denae, scotty & lisa. 
here are a few of my treasured times with the other AACs: 

AAC meeting with abby's bike
figuring out daylight savings time on lisa's TV
senior salute with abby, ben & lisa
visiting denae's class
showing our appreciation for our director of housing
tough faces
blonde sisters
lunch at muchas gracias (scotty's fav)
track meet with the hammer
AACs at the track meet
abby's shower
girls waiting for the res. life bbq to start
yay for the AACs! 

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