Sunday, June 28, 2009


here's some snapshots (literally) of my last few weeks of school and the people i shared it with. 
eye checks at the elementary school with jodi
liz's birthday: liz, alison, bethany
jodi & alison: nursing buddies
APT bbq: benjamin, jacob & alison
WICKED!!! alison, molly, becca, martha
alison & molly: what is this feeling?
martha & alison: defying gravity
my first haircut, thanks to brent's trust in me
last walkabout reunion of the year: steven, alison, J, darek, elizabeth, heather
tulip farm fun: amberle, ben, martha, alison, jacob, bethany
tulips with martha
jacob doesn't seem to enjoy tulips as much as me
yay for tulips!
jacob, alison & benjamin as tulips
choir kids & their fans: alison, liz, J, jacob, martha, benjamin, becca
last APT bbq: brent, lisa & alison
martha & alison
cheese girl & burger boy
lunch with robin baker
lip sync: alison, brent, becca