Monday, February 9, 2009

grand prix

after getting all my homework out of the way in preparation for lucy to come, it was a little disappointing to have my bestie get sick and have her car breakdown (thankfully, before her journey began.) so, with all my work out of the way, i headed home! it was a restful weekend, with movies, sleeping AND getting to go to the awana grand prix night, where i proudly witnessed paul's acceptance of the 2nd place trophy in speed. with an excellent design of an iphone car, he also came close to winning an award in design also. i was so proud.

waiting for the race to begin

the exciting race itself

the awards ceremony

alison, paul, trophy, john & peter

on sunday, john visited corban college & daddy took me out to dinner after dropping him off. since i wasn't feeling well, we went back to my apartment & watched enchanted after our yummy meal from red robin. a delightful evening that could have only been made better if i hadn't been sick. =)

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