Friday, July 18, 2008


last night i got to have a small adventure with my soon-to-be room-mate.

our evening included:
country music
you would.
exploring olympia
peaking into shops
caramel frappuccinos
that's your favorite too?
making plans for next year
i think we need a gnome. i'm not sure what his name will be, but i'll know it when i see him.
tripod pictures
the sunset
beautiful views of our capital city
grandma stories
would you like me to hold the kidneys?
playing five crowns
winning five crowns in a glorious bout of luck
"engaging" with molly's parents =)
sleepy talk
sharing a bed

i can't help but think that as cheesy at it sounds, this is only the beginning. =) i can hardly wait for next year with this fun, encouraging, sweet dear girl.

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