Saturday, April 12, 2008

clinicals + studying

wednesday was my last day of clinicals for the school year! i've really felt myself improve skills-wise, but also in confidence. i still feel like i have SO much to learn and am only beginning to make connections between everything, but it is happening!

a few moments from this week that were lovely in relation to nursing-

a woman was brought in to the ER (where i was this week) with altered level of consciousness. they suspected a stroke, but weren't sure. she was obviously confused and her speech was a mixture of unintelligible sounds and jumbled words. this dear woman did not like needles and was very difficult for anyone to start an IV on. while the nurse went to get some supplies, i went over to the patient and held her hand. to my surprise, she looked right at me and began to talk to me. i couldn't understand a word she was trying to tell me, but i kept her eye contact and kept holding her hand. i think i was able to comfort not only this dear lady, but also her family who was uneasy at their mother's state. i continued holding her hands even when the IV had to be started, and she didn't even seem to mind too much. all the schooling and knowledge i'm attempting to attain is absolutely critical, but it was beautiful to be able to minister to this family in more than just a physical way.

it is always encouraging to be told that i'm going to be a great nurse. it definitely means more when it is coming from another nurse, but i still like hearing it from my patients.

yesterday, Rob and i found some sunny spots to study. taking practice tests, going over material and writing care plans seems not so dreary when it is done in the sun.

and now i get to return to my weekend of studying for three ATI tests on monday. if i don't pass them, i'll have to do some remediation over the summer, which i would rather not do. but, if i don't pass, i'm sure i could use the extra study time anyway. i'm just praying for peace and to do the best i can.

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Mandipants said...

oh sunshine. I miss the sunshine. I miss you too!