Friday, May 2, 2008

first day in sydney

Y on the Park
may 2, 2008
6:30 PM

i really love sydney-what a clean, beautiful and exciting city. we were greeted by carl (pronounced caul-the letter "r" wasn't meant to be part of the alphabet according to him) who instantly delighted me with his accent. and despite his promises to forget our names instantly, he remembered my name.
after a brief ride through the city and a stop to take some initial pictures of the harbor and opera house, we dropped our stuff off at the Y on the Park (our hotel.) walking through hyde park to the centre point tower was a wonderful introduction to sydney. i was excited to see the city from the top of the tower but was surprised by the 2 entertainment opportunities: an educational video complete with holographic images and an australian ride demonstrating the highlights of the country in a star tours fashion. after many pictures from the top of the tower it was time to find food and explore the city. some of my favorites from this afternoon include:
-"take away" mochas
-meat pies for lunch
-visiting the sydney harbor bridge
-aussie accents (they're everywhere! i love it!)
-pictures at the chinese garden
-st. andrews church
-'fancy' mall shopping
-a visit to paddy's market
-buying postcards and stamps from the Post
-water fountains
-tim tams and violet crumbles
-a bed of my own
-a hot shower

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