Wednesday, May 21, 2008

i'm leaving on a jet plane

may 18, 2008
cairns airport
5:30 AM

after four hours of sleep, it was time to get up and load our bags. i'm sure carl was a little relieved that it was for the last time. he played us not one but two sappy songs on the short ride to the airport. it was quite sad to hug my favorite australian bus driver good-bye. and now hours of flying to go...

LA airport
9:10 AM

i love the usa! being back in the states feels better than i imagined it would. my excitement to be back is definitely growing-especially now that our long flight is over with. only one more plane ride to go!

memorable moments-
airport shopping with tyler and jon
pictures with brad and george
amy as my seat buddy
amy praying that our empty seat would stay empty (it did)
2 sunrises for the same day, may 18
my stupid mistake with customs form that required a new form (and a fake bill from the flight attendants)
calling my family

home isn't much longer now!

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