Thursday, May 29, 2008

God's hand in my relationships

yesterday i had lunch with MY dear RA-brittany. our lunch was too short, but wonderful. she's always been good at making me feel loved and encouraged. one of the things that stood out to me in our conversation was how amazing God is. he brings people into our lives at certain times, and coordinates who knows how many things to make it happen. and in retrospect, its so obvious that only God could have brought these things about.

for example, when my freshman RA got mono and was pretty much MIA after the first month of school, it really wasn't ideal. but if we hadn't had that period with no RA, i might not have taken leadership on our floor and applied to be an RA (and i don't like to think of all the dear friends i would have missed out on if that hadn't happened!) and i am almost positive i wouldn't be friends with brittany because she wouldn't have been my RA.

i dearly loved my time in australia, but being home for the past week and a half has made me so thankful for the relationships in my life right now. whether i'm apart or near to these people, God continues to show himself to me through them.

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