Friday, August 22, 2008


before i share about all my adventures on walkabout,
i want to enjoy the blessing of today.

today was some of the best worship i've had in a while.
cash made the comment that this is what makes God happy. our worship to him was not listening to the sermons of a preacher, but instead speaking truth into each other's lives.
through encouragement.
martha's tears.
serving people food.
cash making our video.
life stories.
verbal affirmations.

i hate that cash is leaving tomorrow. when he was in my kitchen this afternoon doing my dishes, it made me want to cry to think that so soon after discovering a dear friend, i have to say good-bye. in fact, later, i did cry.
i hate that it won't ever be like this again, this side of heaven.
my heart hurts.
and what's worse is i know this is only the beginning for this year.
and i also know i'm not going to do anything to stop the hurt.
i plan to love deep. and love hard.
and ask jesus to hold me when it hurts.
and when i have to say good-bye.