Sunday, March 2, 2008

a weekend in the woods

this weekend was our last staff retreat. we went here.
the drive was short. the company was wonderful. i got to rest. it was lovely.

my personal highlights of the weekend:

from friday-
-riding with sarah and carrie
-the juke box
-the slapping hands game
-delicious gluten-free clam chowder
-wedding plans =)
"you could go on that show, Rob and have a hillbilly wedding." "well, if he does, he won't be marrying me!"
-dancing with Rob and our attempts at dipping
-getting lost with sarah and carrie
-having jared calmly give directions to become un-lost
-catch phrase (guys vs. girls-this turned out to be highly competitive, as i'm sure can be imagined. the girls won the first two games and apparently the third game was declared double-or-nothing, which i am still skeptical about. the boys won that game. the final game started out badly for the girls, with no points and the boys one point away from winning. we made an amazing comeback and were tied, but sadly, the boys won on the final round and were merciless in their joy of winning.)
"what goes hoot?"
"this makes toast." "a toaster!"
-kyle's harmonica
-how many people does it take to fix a broken futon?
-the mind reading skills of the programming committee
indiana jones (& holding cherie's hand)
-sarah as my sleeping buddy
-sagging mattresses
-pillow talk

from saturday-
-waking up to the sound of rain
-gluten free coffee cake
-helping rob start his day off right
-kyle's lifestory (& being mentioned in it!)
-rob's passion as he led us in worship
-sharing time
-talking with martha about "anne of green gables," next year and "cute boy" while sitting on a semi-wet picnic bench
-making rob a sandwich
"she's a good person, you know that?"
-the crackling fire
-homework fest
-my walk with kaitlin
-finding a
-my nap by the fire
-tacos for dinner and cutting up apples
superuno and jared's inability to slap =)
-TP hunting with jared
-dancing in the kitchen (including the kyle-dance)
"shape of my heart" with martha (dancing by kyle)
-country music
"you have to accept all parts of us, since you're on staff with us-and this is part of me!"
-uno and matt's determination to make cherie lose
-floor dancing during uno
top gun
"doesn't this make you cry? even a little?" "well, i yawned and my eyes watered."
"you are now a complete person."
-kyle's bedtime story, complete with wilbur, the midget and the diaper swing
the kid and rob's commentary during it

from sunday-
-packing up
-pumpkin muffins
-being photographed by kyle as one of his favorite people
-namky's lifestory
-sharing the lazyboy with sarah
-group pictures on the tractor and the bridge
-the drive home
-walking home with carrie

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