Sunday, January 13, 2008

all of the senses

things i love about today-

the sight of:
waking up to find an e-mail from my mommy in my inbox
my application COMPLETED!
new fish swimming in the tank (i've named them in my head (phinneas, demetrius and julia) so jodi better name them soon or i may not be able to call them anything else!)

the smell of:
gluten free cookies baking
my new cucumber & green tea shampoo
candy cane lane tea brewing

the sound of:
the enchanted soundtrack
my grandparents' voices, all the way from CA to OR
worship to our God

the taste of:
delicious citrus fruit
creamy rice pudding (made without eggs!)
pumpkin muffins

the touch of:
my soft off-white sweater
my cozy covers
fuzzy socks

1 comment:

Whitney said...

um I'm stealing this idea... It's a good way to take stalk of things.

And yours makes me cheerful :)