Friday, January 18, 2008


one of the questions i had to answer on the application was what i thought one of the most challenging parts of res. life was. i think part of the difficulty is found in the unseen. my plans do not have the desired result. few or none make an appearance at an event. yet, there are the unexpected things which are seen. and those help me to press on when the results are unseen.

yesterday i made plans to visit taylor, only to learn that she was absent from school for the day.

during the day, jodi and i planned for how the bible study would look for this new semester, only to have none show up.

i must confess i was a little disappointed.

and just as i was beginning to feel sorry for myself today for my "lack of impact" as i saw it, Jesus brought to my mind this verse to offer me some encouragement. he also reminded me of the opportunities he had given to me.

he had given me the chance to laugh over silliness with my dear room-mates.
he had given me doors to unlock. a highly improbable number of people were locked out yesterday. while i sometimes felt this was an interruption, he showed me that these were opportunities to show his grace.
he had given me the chance to encourage. i was able to talk with aunt judy today, with plans to call again soon.
he had given me a couch to share. this afternoon, kaitlin and i snuggled while watching miss potter. when she was prepared to leave in order to nap at home, i invited her to stay and nap. after pillow talk, we both slept. i hope her body and spirit felt as refreshed as mine.

although it is well and good to see the results of one's efforts, i suppose the most important thing is one's willing heart. lord, help me to be content to rest in you when i can not see my impact. keep my heart willing to do whatever it is you ask of me, whether things go the way i may anticipate or not.

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