Tuesday, January 1, 2008

quiet heroes

this past week i watched amazing grace for the first time. although i'd already known about william wilberforce (thanks to giving and listening to oral reports from 3rd to 8th grade) this movie made quite an impression on me. among other things, it reminded me of what i want to do with my life-

i want to do whatever God asks of me-
whether it makes sense or not
whether it takes all i have or not
whether it takes all of my life to do or only a short time
whether i see the results or only have to trust

i know this is much easier said than done.
i probably haven't even begun to imagine what God has in store for me.
but in the meantime, i'll commit this new year to him.

praise God for the examples of godly men and women who obeyed even in adversity.
quiet heroes in a loud tumultuous world.
as a new year begins, that it is what i want to strive toward.
being a quiet hero in whatever circumstances God leads me into.

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