Tuesday, January 1, 2008

no resolutions

a new year usually means there's at least some notion of resolutions-some kind of hope that this year will be different.
but along with these resolutions is the assumption that i am the one who is solely responsible for these changes. and if that isn't enough pressure, one little mess up or mistake and its all over! no hope of getting in shape if i miss a day exercising. a resolution seems to instantly be broken when i don't follow through. and when that happens, i may as well give up...right?
i find resolutions to be depressing. they act as though they will present hope, when really all they provide is disappointment.

which is precisely why i am refusing to make any resolutions this year-
instead i think a few goals are in order. while goals and resolutions may be interchangeable in some minds, i would beg to differ.
after having to create many short term and long term goals for patients this past semester, i would like to point out a few differences-
goals can include other people to provide accountability
goals can provide reasonable ways to achieve the desired result, even taking into account the individual's needs, strengths and weaknesses
goals can give hope when we mess up
that's why i'm refusing to make any resolutions this year, but happily setting several goals.

"i can do all things through christ who gives me strength."
philippians 3:14

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