Tuesday, January 22, 2008


yesterday cherie and i went for a walk in the sunshine-which was lovely, except that the shadowy parts of our path were quite cold. and by the end of it, our faces and hands were figuratively frozen.
today was quite similar. in the limited time i spent outside, i was impressed by the bitter cold.
when i look outside from my cozy apartment, the sun invites me to play in its rays.
but i am not deceived.
it may look like spring, but it is most assuredly january.

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Mandipants said...

remember when we went searching for the Salvation Army to buy Ugly Sweaters?! It was chilly then too!

I hate to say it - but Anchorage is actually warm, 40's, it's sick. everything has melted, but then it gets cold at night and turns everything into an ice rink - scary!