Saturday, January 5, 2008

hard to leave

usually my excitement for getting back to school helps to counter any sadness that i might feel about leaving my family.
but not today.
the raindrops on the windshield seemed to match my tears.
maybe its the anticipation of another exceptionally challenging semester
maybe its my reluctance to be obedient to all that i know God is calling me to in the days ahead
or maybe its just that i love my family so much that my heart hurts when i have to drive away.
summer can't come soon enough.

but even as i feel reluctant for the start of this new semester, i feel some hope.
new starts
new adventures
new stories

i may be reluctant, but i am confident as i close my eyes for just a second while i hold His hand tight.

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Mandipants said...

I remember that feeling. I'll be right there in a few months when I head back to be with you guys again - it'll be exciting and hard all in one breath.

I love you.
God will give you strength this semester, and before you know it, it'll be time to visit the family again.