Tuesday, January 22, 2008

thoughts of a nurselet

the nurses on the unit of our mental health rotation seem to take great pleasure in watching over us...and calling us 'nurselets.' i think they mean it endearingly. =)

things i learned today-according some of the patients of the day...

nursing is a great profession. you are almost guaranteed that you won't have to worry about being shot every day you got to work-well, most of the time anyway.

nurses know everything.

nurses know nothing.

there will be a civil war within our country in the next five years. and the feds will win, of course.

germs only exist in the afternoon, which is why it is necessary to wear gloves then.

all jean jackets are exactly the same. (despite the fact that mine had no pockets and was a different color than erica's)

when you hear voices, you should just think of them as advisors.

what a day. =) i felt much more at peace today than last week. as i write down some of these crazy things, i can only laugh at the many more that i could put.
"i dearly love to laugh."
i'm sure there will be plenty of laughter (suppressed and actual) tomorrow!

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