Monday, February 4, 2008


today after my morning class, i went jogging (which eventually turned to walking) around newberg. among the places that i passed, one of the buildings was the thrift store behind the fire department. i was disappointed to discover that they didn't open until 11, a whole hour later than the time from which i was standing there. i decided a shower was more important than passing that hour...
but for some reason the thrift store stayed in my mind.
i had a lovely two-on-one meeting with cherie and sarah at chapters. my white chocolate peppermint mocha was warm and delicious and the conversation was refreshing.
instead of walking back with these friends though, i made the decision to walk the few blocks to the thrift store.

i found quite a few treasures-
a purse with my initial on it, similar to the stolen purse but pink instead of green
a fun summer dress
a few books
and my favorite, a pair of jeans for 75 cents!

i love bargains.

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