Saturday, February 2, 2008


last night, most of the girls from our staff slept over at martha's apartment. it was a lovely night.

moments from the evening-
lacey changing her tickets to accommodate for homecoming.
playing cranium.
being on martha AND cherie's teams.
"i'm a derogatory yellow male." -my description of bart simpson
kaitlin earnestly humming.
martha as a robot.
lacey spelling "nostril" backwards. "N!"
"we didn't use to have to spell with alternating turns."
"we didn't use to have seizures!" -danielle and lacey
hand treatments.
gluten free treats.
learning that carrie is a pickle- "when i am a pickle, i like to hide."
feeding lacey gluten free treats.
being fed gluten free treats by lacey.
watching stardust.
waking up to tea and muffins.
planning dress hunting with lacey.
heading home smiling.

what a gift i've been given through the presence of these lovely ladies in my life.

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Mandipants said...

dude, i love sleep overs and cranium =)