Thursday, February 14, 2008

man. i love them.

rob just came by and delivered a spiderman valentine to me.
it was a lovely moment. i got a rob-hug and the chance to read his encouragement after he left.
man. i love him.
which is exactly what i said after kyle walked me home and gave me things to make me feel better.
and what i said after i sat next to sarah and looked at wedding magazines and wedding pictures.
i think i just love the people on my staff. alot.
they encourage me and bless me. they make me laugh. they give good hugs. they care about me and make it obvious.
i don't want this semester to end.

1 comment:

Whitney said...

Man. I love you.
The Staffie days were the best. I'm glad you've been blessed with two years and I hope you've got atleast another one to go ;)

Happy Valentine's Day, love!