Tuesday, February 19, 2008

last day of mental health

today was our last day on our mental health clinical rotation. it was a little sad to say good-bye to our patients. some of them i will truly miss playing games with and talking with. some of them though, i am not sorry to say farewell to, but overall, it was a bittersweet day. i am not sure i want to go back to a med-surg floor. i had such fun listening to delusional thinking, playing with dice and hanging out with the guys on our unit....

we made cookies for the nurses and staff on our floor. they were really welcoming and un-scary, so we thought we should thank them. amy and i are posing with our chocolate chip cookies and lemon bars in the break room.

erica and i on the well-loved couch in the staff break-room.

amy and i are entering the building. notice the "sally-port" behind us-lots of security here!

nursing buddies-amy, erica and i. these lovely ladies made my time on our unit so much more enjoyable.

eating lunch in the "sip'n'safari" with jodi, amy and nicole

amy and i in the elevator-lots of rides in this rickety thing.

what separates us from patients-keys and tags that don't have a large colored box at the bottom. mine clearly states that i am a student rn!!

oregon state hospital. this is it.

amy and i outside our favorite building-the education building! we're all done with post-conferences in there!

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Tammy B said...

Congratulations on your last day of mental health. I can't help but wonder, does that mean you won't have any mental health tomorrow? (hee hee, bad, I know, sorry!)

We are so proud of you and continue to pray for you, Alison!

Did your Mom tell you (my comment to her) that if you were a princess, then that should make her a QUEEN? ;-)