Sunday, February 10, 2008

not ideal...

i awoke friday morning with the thought that i might be getting sick. i wasn't feeling quite myself, but i had a test to take and important weekend to worry about.
but as the day progressed, so did the sinking feeling that i was quite ill.
instead of accomplishing any amounts of homework or studying, i spent the rest of friday afternoon and evening, sleeping and fighting off a fever. i was hopeful that my dedication to rest would result in feeling well enough to perform all my princess duties the next day.
while i did feel better on saturday, i was far from feeling good. my eyes burned even after many hours of sleep and the thought (and action) of walking across campus was a little tiring. thanks to many prayers on my behalf though, i was able to participate in the coronation and feel quite lovely in spite of my sickness.
tonight was my group interview. many prayers were directed toward this event as well, which, i'm convinced, made all the difference. my head felt fuzzy, but God gave me the memory for all my group members names; he gave me the concentration to stay focused and attentive for over three hours; he gave me the grace for all those in my group; and he gave me great peace for the entire evening. i was greatly encouraged by the people i was able to interact with during the evening, and it was an extra blessing to have the familiar face of kevin in my group.
this weekend served to remind me of the faithfulness of God. although i would definitely not have chosen this weekend to be sick, he gave me all that i needed to make it through the past few days.

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