Friday, February 22, 2008

chocolate tea

when paul was little and i was home-schooling, we spent many hours in each other's company. part of this time was spent pretending. with play dishes and a kitchen, we would often play house or own a restaurant. one of the things i usually ordered from paul's restaurant was tea. i remember paul's specialty was "chocolate tea" which he thought was quite a delicacy. because of the luxurious nature of this imaginary beverage, he would be a little disappointed if i ordered imaginary peppermint tea over his chocolate tea. although i would order the chocolate beverage, i secretly thought chocolate tea would be quite disgusting if it were a real drink.

today i received an e-mail that i had a package from my dear mommy. enclosed in this package was chocolate raspberry tea. this was finally my opportunity to try chocolate tea, which was far from imagined, as i held it in my hands.

and i found it to be delightful. it is hard to describe, but it was quite a pleasant experience. paul knew, even from his young age, that chocolate tea would be tasty. i am glad to be proven wrong.

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