Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the waiting is over...

after weeks of waiting, trusting and several interviews, i received my answer. i made the walk over to my mailbox this afternoon, praying the whole time. i kept asking for peace and for him to remind me that i want his will over anything else. i told myself that i really do want what he wants over anything else!

i got home and ripped upon the first of the two identical looking envelopes i had received. the first was merely a letter explaining the slight increase in tuition, but the second letter was the one i had been anticipating. with shaking hands and pounding heart, i tore upon the envelope and my eyes began to scan the page. and then i realized that i had been chosen to be the AAC for apartments next year!!

i had prayed and asked God continuously to make it perfectly clear what he would have me do next year. if he wanted me to be in res. life next year, he would need to drastically change my heart or give me the one and only position i really wanted-AAC for apartments.

even though my heart is filled with joy, this is still a difficult day. some are rejoicing and others are mourning the loss of a dream. i am so excited for what God is going to do in this coming year, but it is a bittersweet change. my current room-mates will be living off campus (and therefore, not with me.) dear friends will have graduated. but dear friends will also be returning, and i'm sure there will be new friends to be made.
and there are still many unknowns-martha isn't certain she is staying next year (although working with me is on the list of pros according to her.) i am not completely certain about my room-mate situation. i don't exactly know how demanding nursing school will be next term.

one letter brought some answers, but God is reminding me that trusting continues...

thank you jesus for this opportunity to serve you.
help me to continue to trust you for all the other unknowns that are to come.
you are so good to me.
you give me more than i need. you are more than enough for me.
your faithfulness astounds me.

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Whitney said...

Alison, I am truly SO excited for you! Way to keep it 'in the family'. First Cherie, and now you. Keeping it with the original super staff! :)

Any idea who you'll be living with? I didn't realize your roomies where graduating/moving off campus...

What's the deal with Martha leaving? Does she have another job opportunity or something?

Anyways, I'm so happy for you! Congratulations, my love!