Friday, February 15, 2008

the train

i love the train.
i generally imagine myself as one of the pevensies one my way out of london because of the raids. perhaps i will be greeted by mrs. mccready when i arrive at my station.
but my own adventure is not nearly so grand as entering narnia, but quite lovely anyway. i get to head home.

and on the way i get to enjoy the magic of a train ride.
the bare trees contrasted with the curving green ivy and surrounding evergreens.
the gray and blue skies reflecting on the waters we pass by.
ducks gliding on a pond.
clusters of houseboats.
the orange and blue sky meeting at the horizon.
lush green fields.
trucks on old country roads.
the sway and gentle roll of the train on the tracks beneath my feet.
another train whizzing past, with its own cargo to carry.
what a lovely thing it is to ride home on a train.

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